LDI Local Development International: Promoting Local Development Through Local Governments

Local Development
Local Development mobilizes the specific economic, social, institutional and political resources of a locality, combines them with national and global resources and brings them to bear on a country's overall development effort
The Role of Local Governments
Local governments are not the only actors in the local space, and often not the most powerful ones. But because of their broad mandate, unique legitimacy and regulatory powers, they have comparative advantages vis a vis other local actors, which make them the key agent of the local development process
Our Vision: The Local Development Path to Poverty Reduction
Improved local governance coupled with meaningful investments in infrastructure and service delivery, natural resources management and local economic development, promotes sustainable local development and poverty reduction

LD path to Poverty Reduction

Local Development International s.a.s (LDI), is an international development consulting company working with national and local governments in developing countries, as well as with international aid agencies. We provide policy, technical and management advisory services for:

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Mid-Term Review of the UN Joint Programme in Local Governance and Decentralised Service Delivery (JPLG): LDI is currently udertaking the MTR of a UN Joint Programme promoting local governments and decentralised service delivery in Somalia (see JPLG website).

Promoting Local Economic Development in Jordan (PLEDJ): LDI was awarded a EU contract to design a national programme in support of Local Economic Development. To validate the preliminary design of the programme, LDI organized in March, 2011, a workshop with the participation of Prof. Rodriguez-Pose (see PPT presentation, file size 5.3 MBites).

Global Forum on Local Development: At the Kampala Global Forum, LDI provided the background paper and moderated a panel discussion on the role of Local Government Associations in promoting developmental local governments. LDI participation was sponsored by the Swedish International Center for Local Democracy.

MDG Summit Partnership Event, UNHQ: LDI was represented in the panel discussion on the role of local governments in localizing the MDGs. See news coverage of the event. (September 2010)